Prophets of Abrahamic Religions

Judaism/Christianity/Islam/Bahá'í. Source.
Updated on 10/20/2015, thanks to Ben Discoe for comments.

Aaron 4AaronAbraham 4AbrahamAdam 4AdamDaniel 4DanielDavid 4Daviddelete 82Elijah 4ElijahEnoch 4EnochHud 2HudIsaac 3IsaacIsaiah2 3IsaiahIshmael 2IshmaelJacob 4JacobJeremiah2 3JeremiahJesus of Nazareth 3Jesus of NazarethJob 4JobJoel3 3JoelJohn (the Baptist) 3John (the Baptist)Joseph 4JosephMoses 4MosesMuhammad 2MuhammadNoah 4NoahSalih 2SalihShu'aib 2Shu'aibSolomon 4SolomonZechariah (priest) 3Zechariah (priest)Aaron 4AaronAbraham 4AbrahamAdam 4AdamAhijah HaShiloni 2Ahijah HaShiloniAhiyah 2AhiyahAmos 2AmosAzariah 2AzariahBaruch ben Neriah 2Baruch ben NeriahDeborah 2Deborahdelete 29Eliezer 2EliezerElijah 4ElijahElisha 3ElishaEsther 2EstherEzekiel 3EzekielGad 2GadHabakkuk 2HabakkukHaggai 2HaggaiHanani 2HananiHosea 2HoseaHuldah 2HuldahIddo 2IddoIsaac 3IsaacIsaiah 3IsaiahJacob 4JacobJahaziel 2JahazielJehu 2JehuJeremiah 3JeremiahJob 4JobJoel 3JoelJonah 3JonahJoseph 4JosephJoshua 2JoshuaKing David 4King DavidKing Solomon 4King SolomonMalachi 2MalachiMicah 2MicahMicaiah 2MicaiahMiriam 2MiriamMoses 4MosesNahum 2NahumNathan 2NathanNeriah 2NeriahNoah 4NoahObadiah 2ObadiahOded 2OdedPhinehas 2PhinehasSamuel 2SamuelSeraiah 2SeraiahShemaiah 2ShemaiahUriah 2UriahZechariah (the Priest) 3Zechariah (the Priest)Zechariah/Zacharias 2Zechariah/ZachariasZephaniah 2ZephaniahAaron (Harun) 4Aaron (Harun)Abraham 4AbrahamAdam 4Adam Danial 4DanialDavid (Daud) 4David (Daud)delete 77Elijah (Ilyas) 4Elijah (Ilyas)Elisha (Al-Yasa) 3Elisha (Al-Yasa)Enoch (Idris) 4Enoch (Idris)Ezekiel (Dhul-Kifl) 3Ezekiel (Dhul-Kifl)Ezra (Uzair) 3Ezra (Uzair)Hud2 2HudIsa (Jesus of Nazareth) 3Isa (Jesus of Nazareth)Isaac 3IsaacIshmael (Ismā'īl) 2Ishmael (Ismã'íl)Jacob (Yaqub) 4Jacob (Yaqub)Job (Ayub) 4Job (Ayub)John (the Baptist - Yahya) 3John (the Baptist - Yahya)Jonah (Yunus) 3Jonah (Yunus)Joseph (Yusuf) 4Joseph (Yusuf)Moses (Musa) 4Moses (Musa)Muhammad2 2MuhammadNoah (Nuh) 4Noah (Nuh)Saleh 2SalehSeth2 2SethShoaib 2ShoaibSolomon (Sulayman) 4Solomon (Sulayman)Zechariah/Zakariya (priest) 3Zechariah/Zakariya (priest)Aaron 4AaronAbraham 4AbrahamAdam 4AdamAhijah HaShiloni2 2Ahijah HaShiloniAhiyah2 2AhiyahAmos2 2AmosAzariah2 2AzariahBaruch ben Neriah2 2Baruch ben NeriahDaniel2 4DanielDavid2 4DavidDeborah2 2Deborahdelete 10Eliezer2 2EliezerElijah 4ElijahElisha 3ElishaEnoch2 4EnochEsther2 2EstherEzekiel/Ezechiel 3Ezekiel/EzechielEzra/Esdras 3Ezra/EsdrasGad2 2GadHabakkuk/Habacuc 2Habakkuk/HabacucHaggai/Aggeus 2Haggai/AggeusHanani2 2HananiHosea/Osee 2Hosea/OseeHuldah2 2HuldahIddo2 2IddoIsaac 3IsaacIsaiah/Isaias 3Isaiah/IsaiasJacob 4JacobJahaziel/Chaziel 2Jahaziel/ChazielJehu2 2JehuJeremiah/Jeremias 3Jeremiah/JeremiasJesus of Nazareth2 3Jesus of NazarethJob 4JobJoel2 3JoelJohn (the Baptist)2 3John (the Baptist)Jonah/Jonas 3Jonah/JonasJoseph 4JosephJoshua/Josue 2Joshua/JosueMalachi/Malachias 2Malachi/MalachiasMicah/Micheas 2Micah/MicheasMicaiah2 2MicaiahMiriam2 2MiriamMoses 4MosesNahum2 2NahumNathan2 2NathanNeriah2 2NeriahNoah 4NoahObadiah/Abdias 2Obadiah/AbdiasOded2 2OdedPhinehas2 2PhinehasSamuel2 2SamuelSeraiah2 2SeraiahSeth 2SethShemaiah2 2ShemaiahSolomon 4SolomonUriah2 2UriahZ-placeholder 3Zechariah 2ZechariahZephaniah/Sophonias 2Zephaniah/Sophonias

Street Harassment Map
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Major Course History Map

A map of my major and minor course history at BC/CU. 
Columbia undergraduate courses range in level from 1000-4000.
Barnard courses are black, Columbia courses are blue-grey.

International History 1000 Intro to Later Middle Ages 3000 Emerging Cities: 19th Century Emerging Cities: 20th Century 4000 Military History and Policy American History 3000 American Hist. Since Civil War 1000 Changing American City Urban Studies 3000 GIS Methods/Case Studies Urban Coll.: Historical Urban Coll.: Contemporary City in Beta Thesis: NYC Field Research 2 Immigrant Experiences Old & New Thesis: NYC Field Research 1 American Politics 3000 American Urban Politics State Politics International Politics 1000 Int'l. Politics Intro to Comp. Politics 3000 Gender and Int'l. Relations Logic of Collective Choice Democracy & Dictatorship in Europe Topics in Int'l. Security Coll.: Political Violence & Terrorism Coll.: Aid, Pol., & Violence in Africa Coll.: Problems in Int'l. Security

Fifa Picks Map

A map of Sarah's FIFA 2014 World Cup group winner picks.
Outer circle represents group stage matches, first inner circle represents group stage winners,
third inner circle represents group winners, inner circle represents final win prediction.
Made with D3.js.

a 1 braz croa 2 mexi came 17 braz mexi 18 came croa 33 came braz 34 croa mexi b 3 spai neth 4 chil aust 19 spai chil 20 aust neth 35 aust spai 36 neth chil c 5 colo gree 6 cote japa 21 colo cote 22 japa gree 37 japa colo 38 gree cote d 7 urug cost 8 engl ital 23 urug engl 24 ital cost 39 ital urug 40 cost engl e 9 swit ecua 10 fran hond 25 swit fran 26 hond ecua 41 hond swit 42 ecua fran f 11 arge bosn 12 iran nige 27 arge iran 28 nige bosn 43 nige arge 44 bosn iran g 13 germ port 14 ghan amer 29 germ ghan 30 amer port 45 amer germ 46 port ghan h 15 belg alge 16 russ kore 31 belg russ 32 kore alge 47 kore belg 48 alge russ

Annual Subway Ridership in Times Square

Annual ridership on all trains in Times Square Alliance area, 1990-2013. 
Designed for the Times Square Alliance website, department of Policy, Planning, and Research in summer 2014. 
Made with Google Tables.